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Vero's Palette

Gifts, Souvenirs & Art
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My name is Veronica Owens and I am an enthusiastic artist selling original paintings (mainly in oils). I also sell mounted art prints, of various sizes based on my artwork.

I enjoy adding high colour and texture to my pieces. Art has become a real passion for me - my inspiration comes from many sources - European countries which I have visited, food, people, lifestyles etc.

I enjoy art mainly for pleasure and enjoy painting large pictures in bold colours, using oils.

Zoom Art Classes

Recently, I began to provide art classes over Zoom, which has proven to be a success. These classes have encouraged people from all walks, to come together and relax, while at the same time producing paintings that they can be proud of.

The classes are fun and encourage people to interact as they listen to some Italian music and sip some fine wine.