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Taquitos was brought to life back in 2018 by Gary Quinn, who had originally flew off to Florida back in 2016, honing his skills as a chef by learning from two 3 star Michelin trained chefs. Already inspired by Mexican food and having spent a lot of time eating at Mexican restaurants and street food trucks… Taquitos was born.

Authentic Mexican flavours

Gary uses his own Adobos (marinades) to penetrate flavour into his chicken, pork and house-made mexican chorizo.

The beef brisket is cured for a minimum of 48 hours before going into a nice warm bath of beef fat where it is braised for 14 hours.

Anyone who has tasted this one will quickly vouch for Taquitos' signature taco.

Something for everyone

For your rice bowl or taco you can choose either beef, chorizo, chicken, shrimp, fish, vegetarian or a vegan choice. Be sure to wash it down with a Mexican cola!

Order online

Click here to order click & collect from Taquitos' website.