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Michelle Wilson Art

Newry, Mourne and Down
Gifts, Souvenirs & Art
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Michelle Wilson is an Artist from Co. Down, Northern Ireland. She has been a full time Artist since 2016. Self-taught she specialises in portraits of animals. Michelle uses a range of mediums to achieve the desired effect. Michelle has completed bespoke pieces for customers around the world. Using her social media platforms, Michelle likes to share progress images of her work from start to finish.

Artist Statement

I specialise in fine art, realistic animal portraits, both domestic and wild. To me the eyes are the most important of any piece. And I usually begin with the eyes and won't progress until I have captured the right look. I love animals and enjoy capturing their personalities in my artwork. Working with photographs as references, I like to zoom in to see the smallest of details. My work is predominantly realism in style, with an emphasis on capturing the essence of the animal I am painting.