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Marine Clothing

Can you order/book online? Yes.

Our clothing is ethically made, 100% organic cotton, super soft with quality images! Every item purchased can be returned to the UK renewable energy factory we have partnered with to be recycled into new clothing as part of the circular fashion movement.

A commitment to the environment

The sea and environment are important to me and I wanted to reflect that in my brand so I carefully researched materials and decided, without a doubt, that I wanted to use 100% organic cotton and dye in all my products. Producing chemical and plastic free clothing (and packaging) is at the core of Marine Clothing.

Every Marine Clothing product is Global Organic Textile Standard certified. This standard not only independently verifies the organic fibres used but ensures that ecological and social criteria are met throughout the entire supply chain.

Landfills are a massive worldwide problem so all our items are made in real time, specific to each and every order. Once worn out, all our clothing can be returned to be recycled into new clothes.

With Marine Clothing you can feel the difference and make a difference. We also offer free shipping with every order over £50 and free returns on all UK items