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Granny Shaws Fudge Factory

Mid and East Antrim
Snacks & Treats
Can you order/book online? Yes.
Phone: 028 2564 6923

Granny Shaws Fudge Factory sells handmade, hand-cut kettle-churned soft fudge and traditionally made tablet.

From kettle to market in 24 hrs is a regular occurrence at Granny Shaws Fudge Factory. It is made using the freshest ingredients and creamy Irish butters in a myriad of flavours. We specialise in making smooth butter fudge in our American fudge kettle and to keep the traditionalists happy we also make crumbly, buttery tablet old style with a bubbling pot and lots of stirring, just as grandma would have produced.

Flavours change and expand but expect Vanilla, Salted Caramel (Great Taste award winner 2019) and Chocolate to Bubblegum, Irn Bru and Raspberry Ripple. Bespoke flavours on request. They sell in approximate 100g Bars and 150g gift box. Our famous Tablet can be bought in 250g bags and come in the following flavours. Vanilla, Irish Sea Salt and Irish Whiskey.