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#Goals is a coaching and personal development consultancy business focused specifically to offer workshops, 1:1 sessions, group coaching and motivational speaking.

Our mission is to empower millennial women to gain clarity in their career goals, unlock their true potential and build a career that fulfils them.

The Confident Creative Goal-Setting Planner

The Confident Creative Goal-Setting Planner is more than your average planner. All 150 pages of this fun-filled planner are designed to help you plan, manage and execute your goals while building unshakeable self-belief and overcoming the blocks preventing you from stepping into your power as a creative.

This goal-setting planner also makes a gorgeous and empowering gift for the girl with big dreams and ambitions for her future as a creative. Ideal for the friend who has just launched her own side-hustle, has dreams of doing so or needs a little extra encouragement to launch that dream business.

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