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Atlantic Rose

Causeway Coast and Glens
Jewellery & Accessories
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Phone: 07858 792404

Atlantic Rose - Dare to Stand Out

Emma's work is inspired by her previous career in archaeology and the rich and vibrant history and outstanding natural beauty of where she grew up, and still lives, the stunning Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. Emma's connection with this part of the North Coast feeds into her work, weaving meaning and significance into each piece she makes, from the powerful North Atlantic waves crashing on the shoreline, to the sunken treasure of the Spanish Armada; the spectacular geology of the Giant’s Causeway and even the enormous amount of rain we get. It is all subtly reflected in her work.

Each handmade piece Emma creates is unique, from bespoke wedding bands, to custom-made necklaces and gemstone set pendants. Her full range of jewellery is available on her website or you can visit her in Makers’ House in The Designerie, Bushmills.